About the product

The Tile PROfile profiles is a professional kit supporting the mounting of wall tiles. The profile construction has been created so that it becomes a universal and durable tool. Tile PROfile profiles are made of aluminum.

Each kit consists of Tile PROfile profiles with the following lengths:
10 cm   /  20 cm  /  30 cm  /  40 cm  /  50 cm  /  100 cm  /  150 cm  /  200 cm

The Tile PROfile Tile profiles can be freely combined with each other, a variety of dimensions allows you to adjust the length of the strip to each dimension of the wall. Strips when combined give a length of 10 cm to 6 m.

Tile PROfile profiles along the entire length have outlets of 9 mm in diameter spaced equally every 5 cm, which help in easy, fast and accurate wall mounting. The thickness of the Tile PROfile profiles is 2.5 cm, so you can use them for mounting even thick tiles.

The kit consists of simple Tile PROfile profiles and connectors. The first profile has one outlet hole for fastening the connector and one mounting outlet hole. The following profiles have two holes for fastening the connector and at least one mounting outlet hole. Each connector has two outlet holes for attaching profiles. All profiles have a rectangular shape in the cross-section, and its external and internal dimensions are the same for all profiles. The cross-section of the connector has the shape of a rectangle, and its dimension is equal to the internal dimensions of the cross-section.

About us

We help professionals and amateurs associated with the construction industry to improve the quality of their work.

Our many years of experience in building services allows us to respond to the greatest needs of industry professionals and create the most useful tools for them. We know how important durability or prosaic cleaning of equipment is in our industry, which is why the product we offer perfectly fits with its features. We test and verify every product in standard work.

Tile PROfile Profile is the beginning of our adventure, the next products in the series are coming soon.


Tile Profile

Questions & Answers

Tile PROfile profiles are sold in a kit described above.

If you need a different kit, send us an e-mail with a request at office@tileprofile.com – we’ll see what we can do.

The price of Tile PROfile profiles depends on the number of sets you want to purchase. We invite you for a quote by writing to our email address sales@tileprofile.com

Write to us at sales@tileprofile.com and we will prepare an individual offer for you.

Tile PROfile products are available throughout the European Union.


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